Antivirus masks

The market is flooded with single use masks or masks with a limited number of washings at low temperatures.
We supply technically high-quality reusable masks with the most possible washes at the highest possible temperatures, so the user can be sure that the mask is completely sterile.
In this way we contribute to a cost-effective solution for people who want to protect themselves and others against the Covid19 virus in closed spaces.

We donate Euro 0,10 per mask to the Red Cross Foundation.
The Red Cross is helping during the corona crisis.
In the Netherlands, the Red Cross supports healthcare institutions, helps with source and contact research and distributes food packages.
The Red Cross provides assistance in no fewer than 153 countries during the corona crisis.

Wesh supplies accross whole Europe, with razorblade sharp prices.

Dupont antivirus mask

Made from patented Silvadur fibers
3-layer protection of which 2 with active silver ions
Can be cleaned at 100C° without protection loss
99,9 % protection intact after 50 washing cycles
Delivered in individual sterilized polybag
Personalisable by sublimation and embroidery

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
Minimum qty other colours than black/white: 250

Nanofiber antivirus mask

Kills more than 650 types of bacteria
260 types of harmful microbes
Fast effectiveness, no irritation, no allergy
No unsuitable odors
Washable up to 30 times
Flexible application

Delivery time: 1-3 working days
Minimum order quantity: 100pcs

UV Sterilizer USB powered

USB powered 5V 2A
UV type-C sterilization lamp
Cleansing with aroma possible
Integrated 10W wireless charger
Weight 430grams
Size 230x130mm

MOQ personalized with logo: 250pcs
Delivery time: 3 weeks

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