Antivirus masks

In this period of confinement, common sense dictates that surgical masks or consumables for sanitary products for health professionals are exclusively intended for them.
Generating growth at the expense of people's health is not one of the values of Wesh International.
From this ethical starting point we will not sell surgical masks, nor protective masks certified type FFP1 FFP2 FFP3 in this period of confinement.

But what about the period of deconfinement?
We have been able to witness a training in the CLECE company (more than 70,000 employees for cleaning hospitals in Europe) dedicated to prevention at working places of the spread of the virus, a labour that consists of manually cleaning the rooms of people in serious condition from Covid-19. In the 3-hour training course, we were taught how to put on and take off the coveralls, glasses and mask to not get contaminated.
To avoid contaminating others protective gear is used.
A company, to protect its employee from the risk of contamination should make him wear a mask, we can provide a mask with your corporate image or without.

We have chosen the mask with the best protective antivirus qualities available, and have put our Shenzhen network at work for quality and price control. For you!

Dupont antivirus mask

Made from patented Silvadur fibers
3-layer protection of which 1 with active silver ions
Can be cleaned at 150C° without protection loss
99,9 % protection intact after 50 washing cycles
Delivered in individual sterilized polybag
Personalisable by silkscreen printing and embroidery

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
Minimum qty other colours than black/white: 250

Nanofiber antivirus mask

Kills more than 650 types of bacteria
260 types of harmful microbes
Fast effectiveness, no irritation, no allergy
No unsuitable odors
Washable up to 30 times
Flexible application

Delivery time: 1-3 working days
Minimum order quantity: 100pcs

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