Back to school

Good that you came to have a look on this part of the site.
Here you'll find a nice complete range of back to school accessories, accessories which can be personalized with the logo and/or slogan of your company or educational institution.

You get sharp prices, products of good quality and an excellent support with the personalization of the items of your choice.

Don't hesitate asking for a quotation which we eventually can send to you together with a simulation of the back to school-item with the logo and/or slogan of your choice.

Erasers with label and display

Erasers with competitive pricing
Carrying personalized label
Display box with full colour image possible

Size: 55x21mm

Water Based Glue Stick (PVP)

Water Based Glue Stick (PVP)
Sharply priced
Completely customizable with your logo
in your colours, including display with
your own full color look

Available capacities: 8gr, 16gr, 21gr, 36gr

Pencil sharpener

Carbon-blade steel sharpener
Size 41x28X20mm
CE/ASTM/EN71/BSCI certificates
Transparent PS plastic closure cap
Personalized logo 1-2 colours

Packed per 36pcs in transparent PET boxes
Boxes can have personalized full colour label

Pencil pouch with zipper - Fresh colours!

Pencil pouch with zipper
Format 230x105x60mm
Material: polyester
Own logos and/or texts are welcome
BSCI/CE/EN71/ASTM certified

Red, orange, azure, dark blue and black
Fresh complete line-up of multiple colours!

11 piece School pouch

Polyester School pouch with zipper
Pouch size: 150x90x60mm
1x 15cm ruler
1x scissors
2x 4-color ballpoint pen
6x highlighter pens
Can be personalized with logo and/or text
CE/ASTM/EN71/BSCI certified

Wax crayon set of 6pcs

Ideal for low-cost campaigns!
Set of 6 wax crayons of 90x8mm each
Packed in cardboard boxes of 55x90x80mm
The boxes are printed with your logo and/or text
The cardboard of the boxes is recycled

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