A complete modern range of flashlights covering all desires of professionals, military and adventurists.
All models are equipped with a high intensity light source with a long technical life time.
You can select the proper flashlight which suits your operation, either in closed spaces or outside in wide areas.
Accessories available per model you find inside the flashlight category too.

In case you want a quotation then please just send us your inquiry by email, stating what desired quantity and delivery date you have, which accessories you require and what type of individual packaging.

HID Torch L1500

The L1500 is a sophisticated long range target identification device.
It's bright white light makes remote areas visible which are normally covered by darkness and therefore this model is ideal for patrol and adventure activities.
Individually packed in a protective case with a complete set of accessories for it's use and maintenance.

HID Torch L2000

If you want an even further reach than already possible with the L1500 then you choose this model which penetrates the dark up to 2.000 meters.
The higher power consumption and higher light output of this model are making the difference compared to the L1500.

Tactical torch L16340

The L16340 is a very compact flashlight with powerful Q3 CREE LED powered by a 16340 Li-Ion rechargeable battery. It's pocket size turns the L16340 into an ideal intense flashlight for limited working spaces, document checkpoints, fishing and camping activities and domestic purposes.

Tactical torch L18650

Shock proof, dust- and waterproof and emitting a strong white light beam the L18650 can be considered one of the best tactical torches of the market.
Military and security personnel, as well as maintenance crews and adventurists value the use of this model. The Li-Ion battery is charged through a lateral connection when placed inside the torch (see photo).

Tactical torch L18650 with zoom function

This compact L18650 torch enables you to adjust the light beam as you want to your situation.
With an easy move of the thumb you change the light from a wide beam for in-house search operations to a concentrated light towards an object up to 250 meters away from you.
The head with a lense inside can be slided forward and backward to change the focus of the beam.

Tactical torch L500Q

If you search a powerful compact flashlight with a focussed beam reaching 500 meters then this is the model you want.
The double Li-Ion 18650 battery assures a very long continuous use with many hours of burning time.
The L500Q can be used in dust and moisture because this model has the highest degree of impermeability (IP68).

Tactical torch XLzoom200

A compact waterproof flashlight with lens concentrating
the beam powerfully for medium distances.
For close-up visibility the light becomes fantastically
spread thanks to the lens.
Can be personalized with laser engraving

Flashlight relation gift

A gift that will last for years and one that will remind the user for a very long time about your appreciation for the business relationship, all thanks to the numerous moments of use.
Very high quality, endurance, useful and fascinating.
Presented in a luxury giftbox completed with the selected accesories.
All models in this category can be chosen, please send us your inquiry with desired delivery time and quantity.

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