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Personalized screen cleaner

A perfect relation gift for sales points or to combine with direct marketing actions.
Suitable to clean LCD screen of mobile phones, sticks to flat surfaces.
The top layer is a combination of microfibre and polyester.
The screen cleaner can be full colour printed as well as the underlying card.
Delivery time lays between 10 and 14 calendar days.
European production so top quality.

Minimum order quantity: 100pcs

Request the pricelist by sending an email, larger project inquiries from 10.000pcs and more we can swiftly convert into a sharp offer to you.

The most popular and practical standard formats are presented in the third image here below.
Should you have special requirements with regard to the format of either the underlying card or the cleaner itself then please make us aware of that in time!

You can rely upon a very sharp price and an efficient order handling proces.


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