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GSM/Laptop/Car powerstation

Extremely compact and practical power station that can be used as portable on the spot for cellular phones and laptops. In case of an emergency it also can power up cars with empty accu charge. Its red-blue flashlight is a beacon at night to avoid dangerous traffic situations and its integrated flashlight for example useful to find equipment.

The device has a five level remaining power indication and is switchable between 19V, 16V and 12V. Two USB-ports with 5V output complete the device's connectivity with the most commonly used electronic equipment.
A special output connection is reserved for the high power clamps that attach to the car's electrical circuit, a full battery load enables you too make 20 attempts to ignite your stopped car.

Cables are included to make connection with all popular cellular phone brands including the Iphone.

Connectors are included to make connection with the following laptop models:
1) 19.0V, 3.42A - for Acer laptops
2) 19.0V, 4.74A - for Acer/HP/Toshiba and Asus laptops
3) 18.5V, 3.5A - for HP and BenQ laptops
4) 19.0V, 4.74A - for Samsung laptops
5) 19.5V, 4.62A - for Dell laptops
6) 20.0V, 3.25A - for IBM and Lenovo laptops
7) 15.0V, 4.0A - for Toshiba and NEC laptops
8) 16.0V, 4.0A - for Sony and Fujitsu laptops

Capacities available are 12.400mAh and 13.800mAh.
Offers 2x USB-port, 8x laptop connectors and 4x GSM cables
Can charge all connected devices simultaneously


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